This website is kept up in the memory of my wife,

an engaged environmentalist and a wonderful person,

who died with so many things she wanted to do.

Bahar Suseven (1962-2012)

 Expert for “Sustainable Solutions”

Cognizance, Mobility, Communication

For planning, implementing  and revising your projects and plans, my sound practicable advice and help is “quintessential”. Competent consultation will add value, quality and a high standard to the realisation of your work and guarantee feasible and sound outcomes.

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= Quality
= Utility
= Intelligence
= Neutrality
= Team-Orientation
= Effectiveness
= Sensibility
= Sustainability
= Ethical Soundness
= Negotiation
= Thoughtfulness
= International Standards
= Analyses
= Liability

What will I provide for you?

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*Consultation and sound Advice on all Project related Activities
(Development, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation)

*Socially-intelligent Facilitation
(Workshops, Non Formal Education and Trainings, Community Building Processes)

*Target-orientated Public Relation Activities and Publications
(Concept, Design, Translation, Printable Layouts)

*Well-performed Field Research
(Eco System and Habitat Assessments, Analytical Reports, Monitoring Schemes)

*Successful Wildlife Rehabilitation and Protection
(especially Birds and small Mammals)

*Ethically correct Work Approach

      Consultation and sound Advice on all Project related Activities

      (Development, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation)

I develop your projects and plans from the very first idea to a holistic and feasible concept. I can transform any of your ideas into an applicable, practicable and feasible projects. Yet my personal expertise lays in the fields of Rural and Urban Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development; Wetland and SPA Management, Water Management and Biodiversity.

I am applying international standard methods like IRBM, ICZM, RAPPAM and other quality orientated techniques to develop your projects soundly and on an internationally adequate level.

To achieve your objectives designing applicable management plans, time schedules and budgets are essential. To ensure lively participation a sound approach to your stakeholder groups, including stakeholder analyses and the development of the right ways to appeal to your potential partners or associates is necessary. Profiting from my longstanding experience with a variety of stakeholders from farming and fishing communities to state officials will enable you to sketch a practicable work plan. One of my specialties is the creation of realistic and sound budgets, which ensures feasible and solid outcomes. My work includes Monitoring and Evaluation Sheets, custom made for your project.

Since I am a member of many relevant networks, I am monitoring funding opportunities from the European Union (EU), United Nations (UN) or other state and private sector funding. I am also steadily monitoring the relevant websites for funding opportunities and project tenders. My expertise includes the development and design of eligible projects for any donor organisation. I am well versed in the relevant terminology and able to apply for your funding in three different languages.

Nobody can guaranty you to be elected for funding, but well designed projects with a high quality standard will give you the feeling to have done everything you could to ensure the realisation of your plans.


     (Workshops, Non Formal Education and Trainings, Community Building


Facilitation is part of project development and management and I am experienced in undertaking the necessary steps for meetings and workshops with well analysed significant outcomes that will add value and quality to your projects.

On the other hand your work plans may require stand-alone workshops and training sessions. Among the usual non-formal education and training potentials I am a schooled and experienced facilitator for multi- stakeholder community building processes, like Vision Processes, Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution with effective and applicable outcomes.


I have a talent for socially intelligent approaches and am able to motivate individuals and groups to actively participate and to further interest in any project or undertaking you are keen on.


     Public Relation Activities, Publications and Presentations

     (Concept, Design, Translation, Printable Layouts)

The same talent described above is also fundamental for all my Public Related Activities; publications like brochures, posters and other print material as well as presentations.


I will design your Public Relation Activities accurately for your target groups, develop the appropriate language and layouts for a real contact with your clientele. Well cut and target orientated presentations and/ or print material are essential for the successful outcome of your plans.

I am able to prepare and edit the final design and hand over your creation with a perfect layout and as a printable product (CD and/ or Aidinger) to a printer of your choice. I am cooperating since many years with a printhouse of my liking and am able to deliver your publication as totally finished product to you should you wish so.

I actively translate into Turkish, English and German, your reports and projects as well as your brochures, posters and books. I fulfil the special terminology requirements for project work, history, archaeology and architecture, which also enables me to edit your texts and publications. I can passively translate your texts from French and Greek into Turkish, English and German as long as they are plane text.


I am also able to translate your seminar, workshop and panel sessions directly.


     Field Research and Analyses

     (Eco System and Habitat Assessments and Sector Inventories, Analytical

              Reports, Monitoring Schemes)

I am fully equipped and experienced to do field surveys and assessments. Yet I prefer to perform field work with the assistance of my husband, who is an experienced field researcher as well.


Generally Eco System and Habitat Assessments are performed for two reasons, either to design a project or to prevent unsustainable development in the area. Both approaches need comprehensive knowledge about the concerned system. Field research needs time and has to be financed, still it does lead to good and sound results, if well analysed and evaluated.


My reports always consists of three sections; a status quo including all the findings and threats, an analyses with proposals for better protection and a monitor section with suggestions how to ensure effective conversation means.


My field research is very successful and has always given my clients an effective tool for their further protection efforts.


     Wildlife Rehabilitation and Protection

     (especially Birds and small Mammals)

I am a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator with special experience with birds and small mammals. Yet I am lacking full caging possibilities and CAN NOT TAKE in animals in the moment. Still, I will help you out in case of emergency with sound advice via telephone or email.

Please do not forget that wildlife rehabilitation is undertaken to make an animal healthy and set it free into its own habitat, as soon as it recovers. Do refrain from domesticating any wild animal, you will only make it suffer! Amputated or otherwise maimed animals are mostly unfit to lead a natural life and it is ethically irresponsible to treat them only to keep them imprisoned. Think about your approach before you pick up any sick or injured animal!


Fledglings and/ or young animals are best left alone, since most of the times their parents are still tending to them.


What will I NOT provide for you?

To keep my work ethically correct is essential for me. My approach to what I am doing might vary in some cases but some personal guidelines are non-negotiable:

I will not be involved in habitat destruction and/ or degradation and thus will not green wash unsustainable undertakings and/or write projects that lead to

irreversible nature devastation.

I will not help or give advice for the treatment of animals, that are left maimed and have to live out their life under unnatural conditions, that are not suiting the

animal’s welfare.

I will not cheat stakeholders or lure them into projects that are not suitable for them. I will convince and persuade anyone to any feasible and sustainable project by all means, but I will never give a word or a promise in your name or mine for something I or you can not or will not keep.

So, please do not approach me with work proposals that concern the above mentioned statement. Every other proposal is negotiable and I pledge reliable and quality work to you.